Peter, Totnes, 2016

Gareth has helped my back pain disappear. First class Chiropractor, magic hands and a very nice man. I can thoroughly recommend Noble Chiropractic.

Miriam, Totnes, 2016

Gareth is an excellent Chiropractor. He has an analytical but open approach and a positive attitude. Always friendly and helpful. He has helped me a lot with various sports injuries and ongoing problems related to desk based work. Regular visits keep me more resilient and injury free. I would thoroughly recommend.

Jeff, Totnes, 2016

I first went to see Gareth suffering very badly from low back pain. The pain was so bad that I was having trouble getting in and out of the car. On my initial appointment Gareth went through my medical history and explained that my damage was accumulative and would take time to address. I gradually became pain free, which to be frank I did not think possible. i now go once a month to maintain my wonderful pain free state. I am 65 years old and have worked pretty hard all my life and up until I met Gareth I expected to live in pain. I now don't.

Chris, Torquay 2015

Gareth is very thorough, dependable and gets to the heart of the problem. In my case it was my lower back, which, whilst ongoing, is managed and kept in check, in order that i can carry on working and getting on with life. I would recommend with out a doubt. He will monitor other other problem areas and recommend any other remedial action, whether that be NHS or supplementary health care.

Marlene, Exeter, 2015

I was recommended to Gareth by one of his clients because I was in considerable pain with my back and walking with a stick. Within weeks I was no longer walking with a stick and in less pain. I now see him on a regular basis to keep my back healthy. I would recommend Gareth to anyone as I have full confidence in him and his ability to put you at ease.


Dee, Exeter 2015

I had had niggles in my back on and off for many years but it always settled, however two years ago I had pneumonia and the coughing fits I had triggered problems in my shoulder and neck as well as low back leading me to seek treatment as I was in agony. Gareth eased my symptoms enormously on my first visit and made me realise I should have gone to a chiropractor years ago. I soon moved from weekly sessions to monthly and then every two months. I see him on a regular basis to ensure that my back remains at an optimum level. He discusses what he is going to do, never knew there were so many different things that can be done, he makes contemporaneous notes (very important in my view). Last summer I really did myself a mischief and was back to weekly visits but was soon sorted out again. I receive a friendly and warm service and would recommend Noble Chiropractic wholeheartedly. 


Chris, Newton Abbot, Feburary 2015

I have been treated by gareth for a few years now for various problems with chronic pain in my back, neck and especially in my shoulder blade. Over time he has been able to both manage the urgent issues intensively to relieve the problem and with semi-regular 'maintence' visits, now has me in better shape than I have been for years. Highly recommended Chiropractor and a really nice guy with it.

Danny, Totnes, January 2015

Due to the nature of my job and playing rugby, I have seen gareth on several occasions. Every time he has sorted me out in no time! I would highly recommend Noble Chiropractic to anyone.

Daisy, Totnes, January 2015

Thank you Gareth and Holly, always such a professional approach with the added bonus of a warm welcome on the phone and in clinic. Lucky us to have you in Totnes.

Jan, Totnes, December 2014

I damaged my neck in January of this year and went to gareth to see if he could help me as I was suffering excruciating pain. An MRI scan showed I had damaged a disc in that area and irritated the nerves. His treatment was gentle, caring and extremely effective. From believing I would never be pain free I am now out of pain and leading a normal life again.

I cannot thank Gareth enough nor can I recommend him highly enough. Amazing!! 

Alyson, Brixham September 2014

I consulted gareth as my back pain was affecting my daily life. My doctor and hospital only offered me pain relief in the form of tablets or injections. A close friend recommended that I try noble Chiropractic, I was amazed by how quickly I felt improvement in my pain. I would say to anyone else: definately give it a chance to work for you. It has made a great difference to my back pain and my daily life.

Janet, Totnes, June 2014

I started seeing gareth In January 2014 after injuring my neck/shoulder. An MRI scan showed degeneration of the discs in the top of my spine and the injury had irritated lots of nerves. the pain was excruciating. Constant pain and pins and needles all down my right arm into my hand. I honestly thought I would never recover. However with gareth's gentle treatment I am now fit and well, In fact even better than I was before. I would recommend Noble Chiropractic to everyone suffering from neck or back pain.

Roger, Ipplepen, June 2014

I initially came to Noble Chiropractic as my low back had grown increasingly immobile and painful. I was pleasently suprised that Gareth required very few sessions to effect a dramatic improvement and this has been maintained over time. I would advise others to consider Chiropractic care, its definately worth trying. Good results, non-invasive, low risk & economical.

J Goult, Totnes, June 2014

I came to see Gareth because of chronic constant headaches and neck pain. I was advised by the migraine society to try Chiropractic treatment. I was initially worried that the treatment may hurt or cause further problems, but talking to Gareth and the detailed explanations and possible outcomes made me feel at ease. A person that I could understand.

I would say to others who are considering Chiropractic.. Go for it! Gareth is Brilliant at explaining and talking to make you feel at ease. I've had my first month in probably over twenty years of no pain and I am not taking painkillers daily.

Sam, Totnes, November 2013

I decided to Consult Noble Chiropractic as I have an ongoing injury that cannot be managed with medical treatment alone. Firstly I was pleasently suprised by how relaxed I felt as soon as I walked (hobbled) in and soon realised that this is one of the best treatments for spinal and other skeletal injuries. I would say to others... Don't hesitate, make an appointment as after a few sessions you will feel so much better in your body and mind. 

Steve, 40, Torquay, June 2012

I eventually sought chiropractic help as a result of many years of tolerating pain rather than dealing with it. I realised that without external help the problem would not go away and could only get worse.I came to Gareth with an open mind, totally free of any preconceptions of what my treatment may entail. I did expect some discomfort but this was not the case.The atmosphere within the practice is warm and calming from the moment you walk in.I was amazed at the speed and accuracy of Gareth’s diagnosis of my problem areas during my initial consultation.The people I have spoken to about my treatments have been surprised at the level and speed of my progress in terms of all round health and pain relief.I would say that anyone who suffers from pain or discomfort should visit Gareth and make those life changes. The treatments are swift, painless and inexpensive, there is no price you can put on your health.

Marlene, 67, Exeter, Feb 2012

I suffered with chronic pain for over two years with visits to hospitals for stronger pain reliefI was recommended to Noble Chiropractic but I was concerned that treatment could cause more damage to my back. I needn’t have worried! I was put totally at ease in pleasant friendly surroundings.I am very happy that I have at last sought help and am very pleased that friends can see the difference it has made to me.

Iona, Torquay, Feb 2012

I suffered with severe pain in my hips and legs and the only treatment offered was stronger painkillers. A friend suggested that I come to Noble Chiropractic as you had been able help to them. I did wonder if the treatment may be too severe for my back to withstand but it is so gentle and effective in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.My friends have commented on how they have seen a marked improvement and how much better I am walking, as I previously limped.I fully recommend chiropractic care, my quality of life has improved and I now infrequently rely on pain medication.

Hilary, 70, Paignton, Jan 2012

I was prompted to seek chiropractic due to osteoporosis and several fractures of my spine. I was left with intense pain and discomfort. Life was intolerable and I could not do everyday tasks or live a usual life.I was afraid and concerned and I didn’t want to make the symptoms worse but after starting care I found I was given hope.Give chiropractic a go, my pain is much better and manageable. I would recommend Gareth to anybody.

Dave, 47, Brixham, Nov 2011

Prolonged lower back issues and pain over a 15 year period prompted me to consult Noble Chiropractic. I was becoming fed up of taking pills and the suggestion of taking more.

I had a fear of getting hurt, I was worried about being touched and manipulated as I am not a tactile person, especially when in pain, but my fears were soon allayed by the very professional care I received. There was empathy, understanding, knowledge and gentleness. Gareth has extremely good interpersonal skills and healing hands. A trusting relationship builds very quickly.

Dr. Noble has quick access to private x-ray and MRI equipment which I had not been offered before consulting his clinic.

Myself and my family cannot believe the change. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a ‘magic miracle quick fix’ but personally for me Dr. Noble has managed to achieve so much more with me in just a few sessions than the previous 7 years on tablets.

Chiropractic works and the cost is not too restrictive, less expensive than you might think, what cost can you put on pain relief, mobility and health?

Judy, Dawlish, 65, October 2011

I had constant back, knee and leg pain which the GP Practice could offer no solution for except painkillers or steroid injections. A friend recommended Dr. Gareth Noble to me. I was not sceptical as I am a firm believer in natural health and believe that the body can heal itself with the right promptings and treatment.

I found the office very welcoming and relaxing. On my first visit I was in some pain and limped in, I walked out with greatly reduced pain. I found Dr. Noble very reassuring and helpful.

Everybody I have told about my experience has been interested to hear how my condition has improved dramatically since I started attending the clinic, therefore do not hesitate, have an assessment and any recommended treatment, the treatment I have received has given me my life back and I would recommend it to anybody.